“Rhythm is life.”  –Hazrat Inayat Khan

There is rhythm all around us, and there is rhythm inside of each and every person.  Possibly the first rhythm we ever heard was the heartbeat of our mother.  Our bodies hum with rhythms–in our cells, circulation, organs, glands, brains–like the planets hum within our solar system.  All life is vibrating and pulsing!!

Drumming is a way to tap into inner and outer rhythms, to raise your vibration, to elevate your mood, to reduce stress, to heal…and it is a whole lot of fun!!!  Join Eileen Mielenhausen in exploring the joy and healing potential of drumming.

8,000 Drums

8,000 Sacred Drums ceremony for the Summer Solstice in East Blue Hill, Maine

Eileen offers a variety of programs, including West African drumming workshops, inclusive drum circles and jams, individual lessons, and sacred ceremonies using drums, bowls, and percussion instruments from various cultures and traditions.

Eileen_drumA drum enthusiast for the past 20 years, Eileen has studied with and played/performed with Edgard Gnidehoue (from the Ivory Coast), Ubaka Hill, Judy Nielsen and members of Inanna, Sisters of Rhythm, Layne Redmond, Barbara Gail, Abdoulaye Sylla and Sayon Camera (from Guinea). Eileen has facilitated drum circles since 1997 and has offered drumming lessons and exploration to a variety of individuals and groups, including children, inmates, seniors, and people in recovery. Recognizing the power of the drum for healing, she has coordinated numerous 8,000 Sacred Drums ceremonies and other gatherings in central and coastal Maine, as well as across the USA. Eileen practices Reiki and sound healing, has worked for many nonprofits, is a former English teacher and librarian, and has an M.A. in Literature.

To schedule a drum program, lesson, or gathering, please contact Eileen at (207) 441-2785 or eileen.mielenhausen@gmail.com.

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