New Series of Classes!

Starting this fall: Exploring Sound through the Seven Chakras

We’ll weave together the energies of the seven main chakras—the colors, crystals, scents and sounds—for healing your mind, body, and spirit. In this experiential program you will have the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, play, create, tune in and move your body, and honor deeper connections with your authentic self and community.

Session 1: Root Chakra   “Connecting to Your Root, Your Tribe through the Power of the Drum”

In this first session of the series, we will experience the healing power of sound by exploring a variety of drums and other percussion instruments. No experience necessary. Open to all ages and skill levels!

This session gives us an opportunity to get out of our heads and into our tree trunk—and have some playful fun just experimenting with percussive sound.  In our circle, we will focus on our breath to connect with Earth energies and align our root chakra through the sound vibrations, colors, scents and minerals associated with that first main chakra.

Indigenous cultures from around the world use the drum for healing. We will co-create our own drum tribe and see where our drumming takes us.

Session 2: Sacral Chakra   “Rebirthing Your Creative Spirit with Sound and Art”

Often our creative spirit can be dampened or deflated by what other people say—and even by our own “inner critic.” In this second session, Eileen will be joined by art therapist Amy Thompson to facilitate bringing forth your natural artist with the aid of sound. The second chakra, the sacral, is called the center of our creativity.

The facilitators will create a safe place for you to dip into the flow of Water energies and rediscover your joy in artmaking. You will also learn about the sounds, scents, stones, and colors associated with your creative center.

Session 3: Navel Chakra (Solar Plexus)   “Incorporating Affirmations and Freewriting with Sound to Move Forward”

In this third session of our journey, we will address our will center at the third chakra—in the belly. Using sound vibrations from crystal bowls, our voice, and other instruments, you’ll activate your personal will center at your solar plexus.

Harnessing the Fire energies of transformation, together we will create powerful words to affirm our intentions and move us beyond obstacles to active manifestation [actively manifest…]. We will also learn about the minerals, scents, colors, and musical notes that activate the hara in the third chakra.

Session 4: Heart Chakra   “Opening Your Heart Wide with a Sound Bath Meditation”

“Be still and know that you are God.” We begin in stillness and silence. . .one breath at a time. . .and then we invite the sounds of singing bowls, rain sticks, shakers, and bells to wash over you in this sound bath meditation. Feel your heart beating to the heartbeat of the sacred drum. Let your body relax and resonate with deep sound vibrations. Melt into a higher love as your heart chakra opens wide to receive the Abundant Love of the Universe.

Experience the Air energies of this fourth chakra healing to awaken self-love, trust, and forgiveness. Also learn about the gems, colors, scents and sounds affiliated with this middle chakra.

Session 5: Throat Chakra   “Finding Your Authentic Voice through Toning and Vocal Improv”

Whether you are a strong and confident singer, a shower rocker or car-only crooner, or someone whose singing was publicly criticized or shamed, the experience of improvisational or spontaneous singing can be extremely powerful in your healing journey.

In this session we will focus on the fifth chakra, which is located at your throat (front) and neck (back). This chakra is all about expressing yourself genuinely, freeing your authentic voice. We will create a safe space in which to explore the range and depth of sounds we carry within.

This session can be fun & funny, tender & emotional, wild & creative! It will go and flow wherever you need it to go, naturally. . .organically. We will support each other on the path to freedom. No singing experience necessary, and all skill levels are welcome. We will also look at the colors, minerals, sounds and scents which are healing for the throat chakra.

Session 6: Brow Chakra (Third Eye)   “Dancing Your Light with Sound”

Embracing an Authentic Movement practice, we will engage with the sixth chakra point, the third eye, to lead us in a dance of light and insight. Authentic Movement teacher Liz Jezorski of Wild Embodiment joins Eileen to facilitate this session for all ages and abilities.

This movement will connect with the energies of all the elements. You will also learn about the scents, tones, stones, and colors associated with your third eye chakra.

Session 7: Crown Chakra   “Chanting the Names of the Divine”

In this final session of the series, we will “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” with easy-to-learn songs, sacred chants, prayers and poems from a variety of cultural traditions. The devotional chants and songs will include Tibetan, Native American, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Celtic and Sanskrit offerings. Chanting is a fun and easy way to empty your head because you are just repeating the words and following the tune. . .and it leads right into your heart.

No experience necessary! The focus is not on singing perfectly but on opening your heart and bringing the energy up to your seventh chakra—the crown—your spiritual center. From Om to Omega, come home to your true self with the crystals, colors, sounds and scents of the crown chakra.

These classes are currently being developed.  For more information on possible dates and locations, please contact Eileen at (207) 441-2785 or at

Copyright Eileen M. Mielenhausen, 2017

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