Sound Healing

“Matter vibrates. Sound is vibration. Therefore, sound affects matter.”  Kathleen Nagy, The Sound Lady, Santa Fe, NM

Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound has been used in diverse cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Voice, drums, bells, gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks and tuning forks are some of the instruments we use. From Sanskrit mantras and ragas in India to the sacred songs of shamans from indigenous tribes of Africa, Australia, and the Americas…from the ancient Greeks’ use of interval and frequency (Pythagoras) to the modern sound guides who use electronics and bioacoustic technology, these various techniques can shift us from a place of imbalance and dis-ease to a place of balance and wellness.

“Pythagoras based musical education on certain melodies and rhythms that exercised a healing, a purifying influence on the human actions and passions, restoring ‘Pristine Harmony’ of the soul’s faculties. He applied the same means to the curing of diseases of both body and mind.” –Porphyry (233-309 AD), second generation disciple of Pythagoras

Sound healing treatments may help to:

  • relax your mind, body, and spirit
  • calm your nerves, decrease anxiety or mental “noise” and reduce stress
  • release blockage
  • balance energies
  • increase clarity and memory
  • affirm your intentions
  • align you with your higher purpose
  • remember your authentic self
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • release what is no longer needed
  • feel better!!!

Eileen offers individualized sound healing sessions as well as guided group sound healings. Allow at least 90 minutes for a one-on-one sound healing session. To schedule your session, call/text (207) 441-2785 or email

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About Your Sound Healing Guide:

Eileen Mielenhausen has been a channel for healing energy, light, and love all of her life. She became most aware of these gifts when she experienced the power of sound healing and hands-on healing 20 years ago at the Maine Healing Arts Festival. She has been a student of yoga and chanting since the late ‘90’s and has participated in many workshops and retreats, including sound programs led by Jonathan Goldman, Sarah Benson, David Hykes, Layne Redmond, Yogi P and the Funky Shanti (Patrick McAndrew, Heidi Champney, and Greg Alexander), and Kripalu’s Bhavani Lorraine Nelson. In 2003, Eileen started coordinating retreats and workshop programs in her free time as Healing & Expressive Arts Retreats of Maine.

A Reiki II practitioner, Eileen has offered Reiki energy healing sessions all across the country, from Maine to Florida, and from the Midwest to the Southwest. On her 2015 trip to Santa Fe, she studied sound healing with James Ballard and also worked with sound healers Kate Marks and Kathleen Nagy. She enjoys singing with Women With Wings (in Bangor) and has performed in public many times as a singer, drummer, poet and speaker.

Recognizing the power of the drum for healing, she has coordinated numerous 8,000 Sacred Drums ceremonies on the coast of Maine since 2008. Eileen has also led drum workshops/sound circles for addiction recovery groups in Maine and Florida, for churches and libraries, for adult ed programs, at women’s wellness events and holistic fairs, for cancer survivors, for incarcerated women at Kennebec County Correctional Facility, for Hancock County hospice caregivers, for gradeschool children in Castine, and for seniors in nursing homes and independent living facilities, among others.

Eileen has worked for many nonprofits, has worked with hundreds of students as a former English teacher and librarian, and has an M.A. in Literature. Please contact her at BeamingLight, (207) 441-2785 or

“Eileen used her Reiki and sound skills with utmost sensitivity for my sessions. She came from a place of deep integrity and spiritual connection. I felt totally safe and trusting in her very capable hands. My body and being experienced deep relaxation, peace and effortless expansion in her wonderful work.”  –James Ballard, Healing Sound Guide, Santa Fe, NM

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