Survivors, Caregivers, and Circles

I have been thinking about all the wonderful, magical, and amazing people I have been working with lately.  Breast cancer survivors, women and children going through changes in personal relationships, career or school.  Elders who have outlived partners and sometimes children or grandchildren.  Those who have survived stroke, cancers, heart disease, heartache and heartbreak.  Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death among women?  No wonder!  We give so much of ourselves to take care of others.  I am continually in awe and admiration of women.  Not only are women expected to take care of the home and children, but also the relationships and the emotional life of the family.  At a recent gathering of breast cancer survivors, I was reminded of our powerful female energy–our compassion and capacity to empathize, caretake, nurture and share.  As we drummed together, shared, and laughed, it confirmed how very powerful we are when we come together in circle, in community, in sisterhood.

I know you’ve heard it before, but I will say it again–emphatically.  We are stronger together!  Affirming circles are so vital to our health and well-being, whether it’s a singing circle like Women With Wings (, a sewing/knitting/spinning/quilting circle, a support group, political circles, a circle dance, or your walking buddies and aquaerobics gal pals.

This caregiving issue became apparent again, later at the survivors’ retreat, when I gave some of the women brief individual sound healings with my instruments: how we give and give and give to others until we are depleted; how our hearts are open to give love but we sometimes aren’t open to receive; or how our heart aura (4th chakra) is so big we need to protect ourselves and reign ourselves in.  And, yes, how our society expects women–especially mothers–to be able to do it all–24/7.

I always liked the analogy of the oxygen mask.  Flying on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs us to do the following in the event that the oxygen masks drop down: “Put the mask on yourself first, and then your child.”  There it is–take care of yourself first!  However, we do understand how difficult it can be with job, family, home, and other responsibilities.  As I write this, my friend’s dog won’t leave me alone, wanting me to throw the ball endlessly.  And children require ever so much more attention!  (Luckily for me, dogs can’t ask questions endlessly.)


As a “light worker,” energy practitioner, and life coach, I can assist you in identifying the goals, boundaries, dreams and desires which you would like to manifest in your life.  In coaching sessions, we will look at what is going great in your life, what you’d like to change, and how to go about it.  In Reiki or sound healing sessions, you just relax and receive, shift and align.  In the retreats and workshop programs we offer, you will experience the comfort and value of sitting in circle, sharing and being supported.  Put the oxygen mask on, take a few deep breaths, and give me a call.  We are stronger together.

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