Women’s Wellness

Join us on Saturday, April 2 at Thomas College in Waterville for Inland Hospital’s 19th Annual World of Women’s Wellness!

I will be offering free 20 minute Reiki sessions between 9 am-2 pm in the spa treatment area. My friend Phyllis Capanna will be offering Access Bars energy healing. Come check it out and sign up for some free energy healing!

SPA SERVICE                      APPOINTMENT                                 TIMES

 Pampering Hallway        First Come First Serve Basis          No Appointments Needed

Susanne Bouchard          5-Minute Massage                          No appointment needed

Erica LeStrange                 Hairstyles                                        No appointment needed

Room 121                                                                                            By Appointment Only

Roberta Barnes                 Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho          20 minute appts – starts at 9:10am

Shirley Benson                  Bioenergy Healing Therapy          20 minute appts – starts at 9:10am

Phyllis Capanna                 Access Bars Massage                      20 minute appts – starts at 9:10am

Sandra Gould                     Amethyst BioMat/Guided Meditation    15 minute appts – starts at 9:15am

Eileen Mielenhausen        BeamingLight Reiki                          20 minute appts – starts at 9:10am


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