We Are the Light of the World

The Light is returning/Even though this is the darkest hour/No one can hold back the dawn.

“At the time of Winter Solstice, there is tremendous opportunity to birth the true essence of who we have come here to be. The angels, ancestors and spirit guides draw near to assist each of us to birth the Light in and through us.”  Robin Goff, The Light Center

I hope you all had a blessed Solstice! Our singing ritual on Sunday the 20th in Bangor was beautiful–over 100 people. On Monday, I celebrated the longest night of the year at a bonfire in Hampden and then at Inanna’s Winter Solstice concert at Slate’s in Hallowell. Singing, praying, dancing, drumming, chanting.  Shining my inner light!

Now more than ever, it is unquestionably clear to me that WE ARE the light of the world; we need to shine our light no matter how dark it gets; and we need to spark and reignite others when we see their light dimming. We can’t get through this alone; we need each other. So maybe spend less time online and on Facebook and more time calling or visiting a friend. Go for a walk in the woods or along the shore or up the mountain. Go out dancing or Christmas caroling. Come to one of my drum circles! Stay connected to Mother Earth and to your friends and family. Give gratitude for everything–especially the hard stuff. Bless everyone and everything!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,


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